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BASTION Style: 76690
EN ISO 20345:2011 [S4]
AIRTWIST Style: 643761
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3S ESD FO HRO SR]
FERGUS BLACK Style: 78493
EN ISO 20345:2011
€36,00 OFF
X111081 Style: 74670
EN ISO 20345:2011 (S3)
FERGUS DENIM Style: 79778
EN ISO 20345:2011
EN ISO 20345:2011
BARRA BLACK Style: 72503
EN ISO 20345:2011
BRANDON BLACK Style: 76640
EN ISO 20345:2011
CLYDE Style: 73403
EN ISO 20345:2011 [S3]
COLLY SOFT TOE Style: 65659
EN ISO 20347:2022 [OB E FO SR]
JASMINE BLACK Style: 51905
BRANDON WHITE Style: 76641
EN ISO 20345:2011
CATANIA BLACK Style: 72444
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3L HRO FO SR]
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S1PS ESD FO HRO SR]
Specially crafted for the industrious environment of warehouses and facilities management, our range of footwear stands out for its unparalleled slip resistance, ensuring the stability and confidence necessary in such demanding workspaces. This selection is designed to operate at the intersection of comfort and durability, showcasing robust materials and ergonomic features that cater to long hours on your feet.

Our range includes both men’s and women's options, catering to a diverse workforce and various personal preferences. Each pair boasts features such as cushioned insoles, supportive structure, and flexible soles – all within designs that effortlessly blend functionality with a professional aesthetic.

Acknowledging the dynamic demands of warehouse operations and facilities management, we focus on supplying shoes that provide a reliable safeguard against the potential perils of slick surfaces, uneven floors, and unexpected spills that are common in such settings.

All our offerings undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet high industry benchmarks for grip and slip resistance, providing peace of mind even in the most challenging environments. Whether it's ensuring the well-being of facilities managers or catering to the needs of warehouse personnel, our footwear is tailored to promote a safe and efficient workplace.

As a facilities manager, your job will require you to work in many different environments and you’re expected to be prepared for any situation. From working on wet hard floors to working outside on the roof, it’s crucial to be prepared and safe.  Our footwear is designed to protect your feet and keep you comfortable and safe at work. When working on slippery floor surfaces, our slip-resistant shoes will reduce the chance of slips or falls. Our selection of safety footwear is made to keep you safe you and meets EN ISO 20345: 2011 safety standards. The tapered and clog resistant outsole minimises the risk of tripping and we have a choice of steel and composite toe capped shoes/boots to give you added protection.

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