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AIRTWIST Style: 643761
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3S ESD FO HRO SR]
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S1PS ESD FO HRO SR]
BERGAMO Style: 72450
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3L ESD HRO FO SR]
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S1PS ESD FO HRO SR]
CATANIA WHITE Style: 72445
EN ISO 20345:2022 [S3L HRO FO SR]
Crafted with precision, our range of slip-resistant footwear for tilers caters specifically to the demanding environments of the construction industry. The selection offers robust durability combined with the legendary grip technology that Shoes For Crews is known for, ensuring stability on even the most challenging surfaces. Each pair seamlessly blends functionality with comfort, featuring ergonomic designs and cushioning to support those long hours on the job. The styles vary from sturdy boots to agile work shoes, all designed to meet the safety standards required for tiling and construction work. Lightweight materials are used throughout the range to aid in reducing fatigue, enabling tilers to move with confidence and security. This collection represents the intersection of safety and style, with options that look as professional as they perform. Whether you’re navigating wet tile or uneven surfaces, these shoes are the quintessential partner for any construction task at hand.
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